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by Increasing Your Local Visibility!

Hi, I’m Margo Savoy, and I started VisiLocal about 11 years ago. We started as a Web Design Company, but quickly advanced to SEO as well, since no website is useful if no one can find it, right?

And what’s up with the name VisiLocal? I came up with this made up word to stand for Increasing Your Local Visibility, in short, getting your business noticed by your potential customers.

This has been the guiding force through the years. How to go about increasing your web presence, that online visibility has changed over the years, and we have evolved our processes to keep up with those changes.

Your website SEO is only part of the “visibility” story. You also NEED to have a presence in the map 3-pack at the top of the search results. Almost a third of the clicks go to the businesses in the map pack. Also, video has become an important part of the visibility equation. That’s why we now recommend a three prong approach to maximizing your “Local Visibility”, a strong website with a solid SEO plan, a GMB listing that gets you ranked in the Map 3-pack, and a Video Marketing Strategy that gains authority for your business and increases your visibility both in the Search Results as well as on YouTube.

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What’s Working for Online Visibility in 2020?
A Three Pronged Approach!

Google My Business (GMB)

The Google Map Pack appears at the top of the search results and receives 20+% of the clicks. Our detailed GMB optimization process will help you get ranked in this map pack.

Video SEO (YouTube)

Ranking YouTube Videos in the Google Search Results takes much less time than ranking a website. You can go after many keywords in a short amount of time. The video listing stands out on the page and draws the eye of the searcher to the listing.

Website SEO

The top two organic listings get ~55% of the clicks (ref: backlinko), so ranking your website is still a top priority in 2020. We focus on ensuring the on-page SEO is optimized, that you have quality backlinks and citations, and then we add high quality content to continue adding authority to your site, all major ranking factors for Google.

All of our SEO Packages Focus on all 3 of These Priorities