Video SEO and Your Local Business

Every business is looking for a way to stand out, to get ahead of their competition. Competing for rankings in the Search Results is increasingly competitive, and thus an expensive and/or time consuming proposition. Videos are a way to stand above your competition.

First of all, videos can rank quickly, sometimes in hours, usually within a day or two, with the proper search phrase. And it usually doesn’t matter a great deal which position on the page the video appears. Since a thumbnail of the video accompanies the listing on the search engines, it readily stands out on the page. For some search terms, Google even has a separate section for Videos.


Secondly, videos are a great way for you to connect and communicate with your customers and potential customers. Videos can showcase your knowledge in your niche and hence show the authority you have in your field.

In this article, I will further explore all aspects of how videos can benefit your business and how to start incorporating videos in your marketing strategy.